About Me

It’s intriguing that the part which you hold all the knowledge for, the ‘About Me’ section, is often one of the most difficult sections to write.

Here goes…

My name is Andy, a 27 year old photographer from Manchester. I enjoy keeping myself busy, either behind the camera or volunteering with Girlguiding. Not only does this volunteering allow me to build the confidence and prospects of young women, I can also utilise my skills with a camera to capture those moments of triumph.

From a young age I’ve always felt comfortable behind a camera, starting off trying to capture that perfect setting and shot. Fast forward a few years and I find myself taking photographs for a much grander reason, capturing couples perfect days.

Andrew Weekes
Andrew Weekes


If you’re interested in learning more about my volunteering with Girlguiding then please head over to this link and see what fantastic things they offer women all over the world!